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>The new oil mill property of the Cooperative this located in the place of the term of Castillo de Locubn (Jan) denominated La Meloja ( Next to the Industrial estate El Cerezo ), which occupies an extension of 13.014,9 m2, distributed of the following form:

The new facilities of the oil mill have allowed us to be able to realize the daily milling of the olive given by the partners (the capacity of olive processing has been increased until the 400,000 kilos/day), the separation of the olive of the tree and the ground and its later milling and oil extraction separately, the cleaning and washing of the raw material. For the storage of the produced virgin olive oil we counted on a warehouse with thirty and five deposits of 52 tm/unit, in stainless steel (1,820,000 kilos), and double conduction of stainless steel pipe, to avoid the contact between oils of different quality.

The patio of olive reception composes four lines of cleaning and washing totally automated, and double line of transport for the separation of the olive by qualities. Supplement to this installation I recently settle a water purifier for the treatment of waters coming from the washing of olive for its later reusability, in this way we have secured a double objective on the one hand to reduce drastically the water consumption and on the other the contaminated water nonproduction.

With the increase of the number of groups of continuous milling and therefore the capacity of milling, we have secured besides the daily processing of the olive entered the separation and production of oil separately according to its quality.

An important advance from the environmental point of view, when producing liquid effluent with consequence of the wash-centrifuged one of the oil and of operation of the oil mill with the consequent saving of costs, has been the incorporation of a system of natural movement and filtrate of the produced oil, avoiding of this form the production of alpechines.

Finally and within the improvements introduced recently it has been the productive process automation in manufacture ship, which allows us to control the production from the point of view of the amount as well as of the quality.

All this that has supposed:

And we also allows for a strict separation of separation-ground tree and power to conduct a painstaking process of milling, which gives our excellent quality oils which joined the mix of varieties in the county (Picual olives and weevil) us lets get some oils with yellowish-green shades, fruity and slightly bitter.