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The nutrition in the olive tree

Determination nutritious needs of the olive grove

The prediction of the amount of nutrients required by a plantation is not simple.

Currently the only method we know comparable to calculate the dose subscriber is the analysis leaf in the first half of July and confront the critical levels of nutrients.

From those data to choose a subscriber who contributes exclusively the elements with levels below the minimum. It is only considered advisable, in principle, to complete the subscriber with contributions of Nitrogen, although it does not appear with deficient levels, by the little presence of this element in the majority of grounds and its high mobility.

The nutritious needs are different each olive grove. The continued use of the foliar analysis and the evaluation of the answer to the applied nutrients, allow to optimize the subscriber at local level in the short term, once secured the balance situation, that is to say, when it has been managed to locate all the elements in his suitable interval.

Critical levels of nutrients in leaves of olive trees collected in July

Element Deficient Adapted Toxic
Nitrogen, N(%) 1,4 1,5-2,0 -
Phosphorus, P(%) 0,05 >0,08 -
Potassium, K(%) 0,4 >0,8 -
Calcium, Ca(%) 0,3 >1 -
Magnesium, Mg(%) 0,08 >0,1 -
Manganese, Mn(ppm) - >20 -
Zinc, Zn(ppm) - >10 -
Copper, Cu(ppm) - >4 -
Boron, B(ppm) 14 19-150 185
Sodium, Na(%) - - >0,2
Chlorine, Cl(%) - - >0,5