History and present of Our Cooperative

Act cooperative Constitution

The identity of our Cooperative comes from a federation formed at the beginning of century XX call Virgen del Carmen , which owned an Oil Mill in the worn street of our locality, moved by originating water of a near spring called the Birth , which towards turning a great wheel that moved as well I pave with stones of granite rollers to crush the olive. This it is the origin of the nickname by which the WHEEL is known in our town this oil mill like LA RUEDA.

Act cooperative Constitution

The Cooperative, as such legal form, is constituted and following a proposal by the old partners of the federation day one of February of 1952, according to consists in the Act of the held General Meeting in this day and with the attendance of sixty and eight partners, who and unanimously approved the Statutes of the Society. The Cooperative was registered in the Ministry of the Work with number 5738.

Composition of the positions of the first Governing Meeting of our Cooperative:
  • Head: : Fco. Manuel Bravo Peinado
  • Secretary: Fco. Morales Castillo
  • Treasurer: Toms Peinado Sevilla
  • Vowels:
    Jos Peinado Castillo
    Evaristo Rosales Lara
    Miguel Castillo Conde
    Adriano Peinado Rueda

Since then and until 1997/98 olive-growing campaign our Cooperative has come developing its activity in the facilities from the calzada street, 8. Due to the reduced space of the same and to their situation within the urban helmet, with the consequent problems that all this entailed mainly for the development of its daily activity and to that these circumstances prevented the modernization of their facilities and the development of new activities, it is reason why day 31 of August of 1,997 and following a proposal by Governing the Council the General Assembly of Partners unanimously approved of the attending partners the transfer of the Oil mill.

Then a complex and arduous task began, which required a concerted effort and sacrifice to secure in a short space of time the construction and transfer of the oil mill since in following 1,998/99 campaign milling of the olive was necessary to necessarily realize it in the new facilities.

This challenge was obtained and day twenty-eight of December of 1998, the first olive in the new oil mill had entrance.

Day 30 of April of 1,999 and once finalized the milling campaign the new facilities were inaugurated by the Provincial Delegate of the Council of Agriculture and Fishing of the Meeting of Andalusia Don Rafael de la Cruz Moreno in the presence of the local authorities. It was an unforgettable day in which I am celebrated a food with the attendance of all the partners and relatives.